The Zodiac pan-Asian restaurant is a project by restaurateur Boris Zarkov and Chef Vladimir Mukhin. It is located at Smolensky Passazh Business Center, Arbat, uptown Moscow.

The name «Zodiac» emerged as associated with the Chinese Zodiac (生肖 in Chinese) – a widespread scheme in a number of East Asian countries that relates each year to an animal. In astronomy «Zodiac» («a living being» in Greek) means a belt-like region of the celestial sphere encompassing the apparent cyclical paths of the Sun, the Moon and the planets over the course of a year, and in astrology«Zodiac» means also the sequence of this belt-like region’s divisions.

The restaurant menu combines interesting dishes from China, Japan, Malaysia, Vietnam, and Thailand, uniquely cooked by the famous chef Vladimir Mukhin.

The bar list is designed to resemble a 12-Zodiac diagram, the cocktail list is the most curious section of the menu.

The restaurant’s interior design plan was created by the renowned architect Valery Lizunov, who managed to set up a truly modern and minimalistic Asian-style interior design.

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