Create your own taste

04 | 12 | 2018 - 31 | 12 | 2019

Create your own taste

Become Food Experimenters with Zodiac miso-constructor 

From December, 4, each guest of the Zodiac restaurant will be able to feel like a chef, the creator of new tastes himself.

Everybody will get the opportunity to construct his own unique miso soup. The miso broth will be used as a base, and you will be able to add any ingredients to it up to your taste.


Miso-constructor menu is diverse: shrimp, crab, halibut, squid, salmon, and eel, with egg noodles and rice as a filling base. As for the additional ingredients - there are shiitake mushrooms, enoki, wakame seaweed.

For lovers of spiciness and spices - chili and cilantro, as well as many other seasonings for every taste. To add even more flavor to your miso soup, it is possible to add sauces and fragrant oil.


Sriracha, truffle oil or unagi sauce with sesame oil - play with ingredients, construct a unique taste.


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