Korean summer in Zodiac

01 | 06 | 2015 - 31 | 08 | 2015

Korean summer in Zodiac

Kimchi in our hearts,  kuksi  is all we think of and may Khe be with us!  Korean food festival at Panasian bistro Zodiac!

No respect for tradition and no attention to corny things paid – armed with Korean products and recipes  chief Ilia Zakharov has developed  his own way to create the authentic  taste of national dishes.   The Watermelon now has the distinctive Kimchi flavor. Cold kuksi soup became even more light  by switching meat for Red Crab, and Korean veal barbecue turned out to be really soft because of low cooking  temperature and picked mixture of peppers and fermented beans.

Heh made of dorado with crispy carrots, green peas & nori seaweed – as the appetizer.  Then – Hemultan - spicy soup with halibut, seafood, cabbage, tofu & wakame and served with rice buns & kimchi cabbage.

And as a main dish – mysterious Modeum Suyuk.   Your Korean journey with Zodiac will help you to reveal this cuisine. And , by the way, if someone occasionally wants a bit of Korean carrots or pigodi – please welcome! Ilia Zakharov can offer you a great home-grown carrots cooked with coriander. He can also show you how to eat pigody properly:  make a slight cut, put a bit of kimchi cabbage, spicy cucumbers  and spinach leaves inside, and here it goes!


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