Zodiac meets autumn with new menu and new products.

15 | 09 | 2014

Zodiac meets autumn with new menu and new products.


Each dish is another ingredient and another story. Chef Ilya Zakharov  is frying chanterelles with okra, Japanese courgettes and curry sauce on a hot wok, (320 rub.), He is cooks original green soup with oba shiso and spinach, avocado and zucchini, adding Japanese rice quenelles and coconut milk jelly (460 rub.) Unmatched tenderness of liver is achieved by first holding it in milk and then in rose vodka. 

Familiar dishes obtained have new interpretations. Autumn ceviche of chicken and orange sauce (430 rub.). Cold tomato soup – with tuna, battered cucumber tartar and fresh tomatoes (520 rub.) And for kebabs he is using chicken “oysters” – the most tender pieces, only a couple of kebabs from 10 kg of chicken thighs (420 rub.)

And for dessert – Zodiac star – famous wagasi “Moti”, black this time!



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