Lenten menu

11 | 03 | 2019 - 28 | 04 | 2019

Lenten menu

Light vegetable fusion in Zodiac 


Lenten menu in Zodiac will be a serious competitor to the main one: it is a light fusion of vegetable dishes from Vietnam, China, Thailand and Japan.


There is wide selection of lenten sushi: with avocado, dried tomato, shiitake and tofu. The menu of soups has been expanded with a bright in every sense novelty by chef - corn soup with coconut milk, as well as with the traditional lenten version of miso - with tofu, green edamame beans and shiitake mushrooms.


The block of veggie salads includes one of the main hits of the restaurant - crispy eggplants - as well as a novelty - a delicate salad of avocado, persimmon, and with a crispy accent of fried Japanese forest mushrooms.


Main dishes are primarily a lenten version of udon with tofu and crunchy pea pods and a poke - author's rice complemented by corn, shiitake and a mix of seasonal vegetables.


The chef of the restaurant also took care of those who will extremely miss Zodiac’s signature desserts: chocoretto mochi and muesli with tender marshmallow and coconut condensed milk have every chance to win the hearts of not only the fasting.


Start the Lent in Zodiac.


Reservation is available by phone: +74952300230 or through the Reservation Form.



Lenten menu





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