Women's day at Zodiac

08 | 03 | 2019

Women's day at Zodiac

Spring Festival in Zodiac



Spring in Asia is one of the most beautiful seasons: bright, blooming, fresh. It is not by chance that, just as in European countries, the feast of women, girls and girls falls at this very time - there is no better moment to honor beauty, femininity, and grace.
The chief of the Zodiac restaurant, Ruslan Magomedsharipov, continues the Eastern tradition and announces Women's Day at Zodiac. On March, 8, from the morning until the closing time, the beautiful half will receive congratulations and flowers, “sparkling” compliments, and also be able to taste the sweet surprise from the chef - the author’s tiramisu with oriental flavor - with matcha tea and sesame seeds.
Also for one day the bar menu will be expanded by a sweet-spicy, like the women's character, and at the same time delicate cocktail from Zodiac's chef-bartender Alexander Zhivaykin.

Booking tables for Women's day at Zodiac is available by phone: +74952300230 or via Booking Form.


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