Chinese New Year at Zodiac

05 | 02 | 2019 - 19 | 02 | 2019

Chinese New Year at Zodiac

Celebrations of the main Eastern holiday together with Zodiac



Eastern New Year is one of the main holidays of the Middle Kingdom. The celebration is stretched over weeks, during which the facades of houses are decorated with garlands of paper lanterns, and unique delicacies appear in each and every house. The choice of dishes on the New Year's table is essential: the richer the table, the better the year.


For the upcoming year to be bright and successful, Zodiac restaurant celebrates the holiday with a great, festive novelty - three types of oysters in duet with author's sauces from Ruslan Magomedsharipov. The taste of this precious mollusk in China has been loved and appreciated since antiquity.


From February 5 to February 19, guests can taste the Japanese oysters Murotsu and Kiyomon and the Pacific Ocean’s Kumamoto. Delicacies are suggested to be paired with 3 sauces: the classic mignonette sauce, emphasizing the natural taste of the mollusks, 5 kinds of pepper sauce, creating a spicy aftertaste, and olive chili sauce, enhancing contrasts of taste thanks to the hot Tobasco.


Also, in honor of the beginning of the eastern festivities from 5 to 7 February, guests of the Zodiac restaurant will be given a special offer on their favorite Holiday menu - a 20% discount on all positions.


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