Zodiac's New Year specials

01 | 01 | 2019 - 31 | 01 | 2019

Zodiac's New Year specials

Great New Year menu at Zodiac


Despite the fact that the Eastern New Year will come only on February, 19, Zodiac has already prepared a winter gift for its guests in the form of a non-wintery bright special New Year's menu.


Chef Ruslan Magomedsharipov suggests to start dinner with tataki hamachi- yellowtail roasted over an open fire. He also created the author's ceviche with sweet persimmon and grapefruit for ones, who loves this fish in its pristine condition.


In addition to the special tastes of sushi and rolls, fragrant chicken breast fried with sweet chili sauce, the chef prepared the famous Peking duck - a mandatory dish on the eastern table on the eve of the calendar update and Zodiac specialty dish - as a New Year's main dish.

For those who want to have a short brake in a string of winter feasts, there are also ideal options for dinner or lunch: Chinese sour and spicy soup with mushrooms and tofu, light halibut with spinach and creamy sauce.


As always, the traditional dessert “vagasi” will become the real gem of the special New Year's menu - this time with the tart taste of winter plum. 

After all, the plum blossom begins to bloom shortly before the arrival of spring and blooms, even in spite of the winter cold, which still makes itself felt. This is not just a wonderful dessert, but an opportunity to remind yourself that even the strongest cold will pass away soon enough.


The special menu will be available in the Zodiac restaurant until the end of January.












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