Non-tea tea party in Zodiac

15 | 12 | 2018 - 23 | 12 | 2018

Non-tea tea party in Zodiac

Non-tea tea in Zodiac

Tea is one of the most generous gifts of the East to modern man.


In an honor of the International Tea Day, which is traditionally celebrated on December 15, Zodiac launches a limited line of author “tea”.


Zodiac presents unusual cocktails based on black and green tea varieties and alcoholic beverages with  fruits and superfoods. There are 4 “tea” novelties in total waiting for the guests.


Pineapple "tea" not only "warms", but also captures the imagination with a whirlpool of flavors and colors in one glass: rum infused on milky ulun in combination with St-Germain, fresh pineapple with weightless matcha powder that will give an oriental flavor to your evening.


Apple "tea" - the author's variation on the theme of a truly winter drink, in which bright vodka on bergamot, Limoncello, passion fruit and apple tonic created an authentic combination of flavors.


Strong "tea" - rum on milky ulun is combined with pink vermouth, kumquat and Benedictine liqueur - another example of how you can rethink the classics.


The fourth serving is for those who are not yet ready to raise the bar: lemonade from lychee, pineapple and rooibos is an unexpected recall of summer, which we all are waiting for.


The author's "tea card" will be available in the Zodiac restaurant from December, 15 till December, 23.


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