Tartare festival

23 | 07 | 2018 - 05 | 08 | 2018

Tartare festival

Try the dishes from the special menu of Moscow Restaurant Week until August 5!

Fresh, tasty and original tartares became the main point of the summer session of the Moscow Gastronomic Festival. Only until 5th of August, you can try five new dishes made in Zodiac specifically for the Moscow Restaurant Week.

Gourmets will enjoy the Asian version of beef tartare with smashed cucumbers and Kimchi sauce. Those who are looking for new gastronomic impressions will love the combination of salmon, avocado, and cherries seasoned with Worcestershire sauce. Or, for example, tartare from a king crab with sweet papaya, broccolini, tomatoes and halibut caviar. Enjoy the taste of this season's most popular vegetable — broccolini: try a vegetarian tartare with zucchini, cucumbers, sweet peppers, pomelo and wasabi sauce. Those who prefer classics should definitely try the Zodiac tartare of tuna and avocado with soy and sesame caviar.

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