Dim Sum & Yau Gok

16 | 11 | 2017 - 28 | 05 | 2018

Dim Sum & Yau Gok

Made in China - new Chinese dishes in the Panasian Zodiac menu


Xu An Yin, Chinese female Dim Sum master has updated our menu. From the middle of November in «Dim Sum» chapter there are four more variations on Chinese dumplings theme. Delicate delicacies with salmon and shrimp. Fried, but almost dietary - made with rabbit meat. And almost Christmas ones - made with turkey meat. One more is yau gok - traditional New Year's fried Dim Sum, called golden bars in China.
You may start preparing for the holidays or just for a dinner, because hot, miniature, nourishing plate of dim sums is the ideal winter dish!

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