Family weekends

01 | 11 | 2017 - 01 | 11 | 2018

Family weekends

Sushi&roll sets with fine discounts every Saturday and Sunday.

Three thematic sets of sushi and rolls, prepared from the flora and fauna of rivers, seas and oceans, reveal the taste of Japanese cuisine. «Orange» set includes a spicy salmon roll with vegetables and teriyaki sauce, Dorado sushi and «Philadelphia» with river eel. No less bright — «River» set: salmon, river eel, flying fish roe, scallop, tuna, cream cheese and spicy sauce. Big company full-day pack — a huge «Family» set, which includes spicy rolls with fried dorado and chili sauce, «Volcano» rolls with Japanese mayonnaise, «California» with caviar of flying fish and nine kinds of sushi!
All that with great discounts is available every weekend — in a cozy space of Zodiac.





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