In Eastern families, the times when close people gather at the same table are highly appreciated - Easter is one of those days.

Light vegetable fusion in Zodiac 


Spring Festival in Zodiac



Zodiac brings Maslenitsa closer - or make everything in eleven days!


Persimmon and tangerines aeason at Zodiac



It's time to melt the ice


Celebrations of the main Eastern holiday together with Zodiac


Главный Восточный праздник вместе с Zodiac


Great New Year menu at Zodiac

Mysterious menu - a novelty from the Zodiac restaurant


Try the dishes from the special menu of Moscow Restaurant Week until August 5!

Made in China - new Chinese dishes in the Panasian Zodiac menu

A colorful dinner with wine accompaniments.

Sushi&roll sets with fine discounts every Saturday and Sunday.

Every weekend — 50% discount on our wine card.

Exciting workshops on Sundays from 14:00 to 20:00.

An original pan-asian-style lent - exotic mushrooms and fruits, unusual recipes and new tastes.

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