Lent menu

16 | 03 | 2017 - 15 | 04 | 2017

Lent menu

An original pan-asian-style lent - exotic mushrooms and fruits, unusual recipes and new tastes.


A spot in Zodiac’s lent menu has been reserved for sushi - with avocado, with sesame-soy caviar and marinated pumpkin, as well as the spicy Asian soups - laksa and kalapa with lentils and tofu, the hearty noodles with vegetables and the fried rice. This time the fasting will be aided by authentic recipes from numerous countries - from Vietnam and China to Singapore and Japan. And meals like the oyster mushroom, mango and fried tofu salad, pumpkin soup with crunchy noodles and coconut jelly or strawberry gazpacho with blackcurrant sorbet will demonstrate that lent can be not just strict, but also delicious.


Lent menu

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